Sundog over Ilisagvik College

Updated February 19th, 2019:

Short-term classes starting Monday, 2/18/19!

If you are registered for any of the following short-term classes before the start of the semester, make sure you have the book and access to the MyCampus class page!

If you want to register for one of them, check with your Advisor so you can start the class on time. 

If you are not sure if you are registered and/or if you think you are not ready to take this course at this time, check with your Advisor or Registration to make sure you know your commitments and avoid any penalties.

IÑU 118-81B Topics in Iñupiaq Studies: Traditional and Contemporary Sewing Projects (2/18/19)

IT 100 Introduction to Online Learning (2/18/19)

IT 101 Keyboarding Skills (2/18/19)

IT 118 Introduction to Microsoft Office (2/18/19)

IT 130B Word Processing (2/18/19)

IT 140B Computer Spreadsheets (2/18/19)

IT 209 Microsoft Outlook (2/18/19)

CCS 196 College Success Strategies (2/25/19) (Next Monday) 

LS 101-81B Library Information & Research (3/4/19) (In two weeks)

You can still register for short-term classes that have not yet begun! Here are the documents you need to register:

Spring 2019 Course Schedule (Updated 2-18-19) - CLICK HERE

Registration Packet (includes optional tuition waiver form) - CLICK HERE

Need Help? Just ask!

    • Ha'avale Tuilautala (Admissions & Scholarships) 907.852.1754

    • Maggie Sikvayugak (Registration) 907.852.1757

    • Nancy Grant (Financial Aid) 907.852.1708

    • Birgit Meany (Dean of Academic Affairs) 907.852.1818

    • Brittni Driver (Technical Support) 907.852.1860 or support cell 907.855.0589