Sundog over Ilisagvik College

The Spring 2019 semester starts Monday, January 14, 2019!

Check your e-mail for instructions on how to login to MyCampus and see your SP19 classes!

Updated January 16th, 2019:

You can still register for classes! Here are the documents you need to register:

Spring 2019 Course Schedule (Updated 1-16-19) - CLICK HERE

Registration Packet (includes optional tuition waiver form) - CLICK HERE

NOTE: The last day to add semester-long classes is this Friday, January 18, 2019.

Need Help? Just ask!

    • Ha'avale Tuilautala (Admissions & Scholarships) 907.852.1754

    • Maggie Sikvayugak (Registration) 907.852.1757

    • Nancy Grant (Financial Aid) 907.852.1708

    • Birgit Meany (Dean of Academic Affairs) 907.852.1818

    • Brittni Driver (Ed Tech Support) 907.852.1860 or support cell 907.855.0589